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Considering how trauma experiences jive with behavior can be complex. I created the Brief Functional Behavior Assessment/Behavior Intervention Plan while working at a residential treatment facility for troubled youth. We used this document to blend the perspectives of the clinical and behavioral treatment package we were offering.

Understanding Autism training

Did you know that persons with autism are no different than you or me? What can look different is behaviors, perspectives, communication, or interests. When working with this population in a school setting it’s important to keep in mind that these differences can make a big difference in how a person interacts with their daily life and functioning. We will look at what autism is, how it can present, gaining an increased understanding of the perspective of a person with autism, as well as various considerations that can be helpful when working with this population.

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Additional resources

Are you looking for a creative way to learn more about ABA? Explore various CEUs, trainings and courses. How about curriculums, including parent training and supervision curriculums?!
Check out Master ABA!. I have loved the resources they provide and broadening my learning, tools and experience within the field.